You can use social media to build community

To be clear, I’m not saying social media is community, however at the same time I feel we often dismiss it as a tool to enable building of community.

We often think that it is a role of a marketing or social media person.

I say we should take hold of the responsibility and embrace social for the benefit of the communities we build. It’s how we use the tool that matters.

Here’s some things I’ve written in the past on this:

And a Tweet to gather some responses on Twitter :innocent:

Do you have any personal social media community stories or insights from what you’ve seen others do?


Thank you for sharing these great resources! One thing I didn’t see you mention in your articles is Twitter Ads. Wondering if you’ve ever experimented with it? If not, would you ever?

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Ads in general put me off, but I don’t think they should be totally disregarded.

I just never see social ads work well and I tend to ignore them. I think people see right through them most of the time, but part of me thinks that maybe we just need to get more creative with them.

I think, personally, if I had an ‘ad budget’ then I’d much prefer to spend it on building up relationships with people who have an existing audience or community. Perhaps doing some kind of ‘community campaign’.

At least in this type of scenario you know where the money is going and the creator/founder/community would vet people they work with as it’s in their own best interest too.

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Have you ever done a community campaign? Wondering how that would look like. Is it similar to the Study Group that you & Erin did with Orbit?

I guess a campaign could be viewed as a MVC (Minimum Viable Community), where you commit to trying something and seeing how it goes.

There’s no pressure to keep things going, they can come to a natural end, or you can choose to take them further.

In the context of Orbit Study Groups — we did a few individual events as tests and practice before doing the Study Groups. The Study Groups are evolving, some themes are kept, others not, and new ones are brought in.

The twitter article is something to study.

I have a question, what about DMs, is there anyway to use the private messaging to make an impact? Since it’s 1-1 people may feel more close to you and join to your community?

What are your thoughts on this, and how would you approach it?

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I often recommend people start 1:1, so yes. 1:1 isn’t community building yet, but it builds up to it. 1:1 can be great for practicing too — what is interesting? what do people care about? etc.

You can do group Twitter DMs with purpose too.

I’ve not-so-randomly connected people together on Twitter group DMs based on people who participated in an event.

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:100: on this. Social media is a great tool to power your community funnel. If you’re not using social media in your GTC strategy you might be muting a alot of your members by default. Not everyone in your community is going to come to the discord watering hole you have created. Members interact with community in different ways.

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