Will your community be missed?

Seth Godin talks about being missed in this really short post…

On being missed

Some friends moved away, and the cake at the party read, “We’ll miss you.”

Perhaps it would have been more accurate for it to say, “You’ll miss us.”

Because, after all, what’s mostly being missed is the community of friends and neighbors. Even when someone moves away, the community remains.

When a marketer serves a community, they create the conditions where they’d be missed–because the ideas or products or services they bring are important, not simply tolerated.

That’s a worthwhile goal.

I often think about my work in term of being missed.

  • If I stop what I’m doing, will people notice or care?
  • Are we actually doing useful things?
  • What problems are we really solving?
  • Would someone see it as an opportunity to fill a gap?

Will your community work be missed? If not, maybe you are spending time on the wrong things.


I often grapple with this - “Am I making a difference? Does it really matter?” It can be really deflating to think about these questions too deeply!

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The deflating aspect of thinking about that is real!

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One of my biggest challenges working in the online world has been, “Am I really making a difference? Is this helping people?”

You don’t always get that feedback loop you would by seeing or feeling a person’s reaction to you IRL.

So the ultimate question is – how do you know if your community (or your efforts) would be missed if it weren’t there?

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Switch it off and see what happens? :see_no_evil: