Why are forums a good investment?

We hosted a discussion on Forum Strategy and explored some answers to questions.

This one was: why are forums a good investment:

  • Long tail seo
  • They become a knowledge base for your community to help with new member onboarding, retention, and SEO
  • There’s no rush to answer
  • You can make it open or closed
  • They can live somewhere you own vs. somewhere you rent (social media)
  • People can (often) see their contributions over time (badges, points, etc)
  • No algorithm
  • You can do AMAs that have a long term value
  • They are an archive/history of your community/industry
  • You can use it for community discovery
  • You can pin/highlight top replies to quickly feature answers

What else would you add to this list?

This is a wiki post, feel free to edit this list directly or add a comment. :blush:


I am 100% biased but owning your own data, more control over UI and building up an archive of content is priceless when you compare it to a social media or an app based platform like Slack/Discord.


All of the above!

I would add: our forum is serving as a single source of truth for all things support, feature request, and bug report related. Everything is out there in the open, which I love for transparency sake.

Also, one random feature i love in Discourse specifically is the suggested answer feature while you are typing. This helps prevent the same questions getting asked every day. Brilliant.


The ability for our community members to connect with each other and build those relationships over time.