When did it become ok that reporting scams is a normal part of your community experience?

I have a Rosieland Discord set up and have constant ups and downs with how I feel about it.

My dissatisfaction is mostly related to ‘scams’, where it has become a normal part of the community experience AND I’M NOT SURE HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS.

Some communities, like the image below (this is not from mine), even have dedicated channels for reporting them. In other communities I see constant reminders to block and not click on messages in personal DMs.

CleanShot 2022-05-22 at 23.17.03@2x

I then think of Slack communities, and despite the lack of moderation, community features and content history, they all of a sudden seem so very attractive.

I’m really just talking out loud and feel like the talk of scams doesn’t really make a community feel safe…and I like safe communities.

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