What's your take on a definition of 'engagement'?

As always, I’m inspired through active learning.

Today I’m reading this post about defining engagement from a journalism perspective, and now I’m thinking about what engagement would be defined as from a community perspective?

I love how working towards a shared definition without drama helps create clarity:

The work to create a shared definition of engaged journalism at WBEZ was part of a broader effort to create an engagement playbook. As engagement editor Alex Keefe shared, “People responded better to the definition as it got more literal. Nothing really about goals or mission or hoity-toity principles — just the facts of what this is.

Do have a read of this post

Here are some of their definitions:

by Ashley Alvardao

Lindsay Green-Barber of Impact Architects has used: “Engaged journalism is an inclusive practice that prioritizes the information needs and wants of the community members it serves, creates collaborative space for the audience in all aspects of the journalistic process, and is dedicated to building and preserving trusting relationships between journalists and the public.”

Engaged journalism is a journalistic process that starts by identifying and listening to specific communities before any reporting and production. That community input informs what we cover, what we make and how we make it. At WBEZ, our engaged journalism provides practical, actionable utility to the people we serve. — WBEZ

… In other words, engaged journalism is about removing barriers for participation and creating a welcoming space so that more people can have access to the information they need to be their own best advocates. It ensures our content is useful, relevant and accessible to an ever-expanding number of Southern Californians. This can lead to audience and revenue growth, but that’s not the only reason SCPR does this work. It helps us understand the role we play in the Los Angeles information ecosystem.

Engaged journalism brings people deeper into critical civic reporting through inclusive and welcoming practices. It prioritizes community members’ information needs and wants and facilitates collaboration with them. Establishing and preserving public trust and connection is at the core of engaged journalism. — WBUR

Engaged journalism is an inclusive and collaborative approach to news reporting that deeply values community participation and representation. It prioritizes the information needs and curiosity of its audience, ensuring that the news produced is both relevant and impactful for the community it serves. The practice involves the audience in every facet of the journalistic process, from story ideation to content creation, thereby fostering a deeper connection and sense of ownership among community members. It’s a commitment to nurturing trustful relationships between journalists and the public, with a focus on transparency and responsiveness. Ultimately, engaged journalism aims to create a more informed, involved, and trustful public dialogue. - MPR

Do you have a definition of engagement for your community work?

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I was talking about this today with my manager. The closest definition I have come to so far is:

meaningful engagement = posting a topic or reply that either talks/asks about the product (support community) or business (community of practice)

At the moment, our community is a bit of both (support and practice)

How does everyone else define engagement in your communities?

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