What's your go to tech stack?

Hi all!

What’s your go to tech stack for your community? I’d love put together a few examples for folks who often struggle with what tools to use. Would love to hear from all types of communities large and small!

Here’s what I’ve been loving:

Convertkit for newsletter
Notion for all internal documenting
Circle for community
Twitter for socials and more community interaction
Butter for events


For me and Rosieland it’s:

  • Ghost for blog + email (Revue works well enough too)
  • Discord for chat + audio type events
  • Twitter for Twitter Spaces
  • Discourse for forum
  • Luma for events (though am tempted by Ticket Tailor, it’s more indie)
  • Butter for events
  • Notion for curation and sharing of some content

Ohh I am going to have to check out Ticket Tailor! I agree the space is ready for an alternate event rsvp platform

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Good question!

Mine are:

Notion (documentation)
Luma (events registration)
Zoom (events)
Slack (Community)
Mailchimp (emails)
Orbit (reporting)


Khoros - Community platform from forums to blogs and knowledge bases to idea exchanges and groups.
Bevy - Expanded functionality for Groups/Events
Zoom - Events
Looker/Snowflake - Reporting/Analytics
Jira - Engineering / User stories for engineering
Coda - Most of team uses this for everything from documentation to planning to calendars. Love Coda!

Lots of magic that makes it all work together!


Discourse - Forum/asynchronous conversation (and soon to be Chat!)
Discord - Real time chat and occasional audio (Stage)
Zoom/Jitsi/Butter - Events/video
Mighty Networks - if I need all the things in one place
Fibery (or Coda) - Entire “back office”, projects/tasks, CRM, data analysis, wiki/docs, etc.
Mailchimp - email
Fathom - analytics (haven’t tried more dedicated tools yet, e.g. Orbit, etc.)

Lots of interesting options to check out here, thanks for sharing! I don’t understand all of your choices (Slack), but I trust they work well for you. :grin:


:heart: this conversation…!

My go-to stack varies depending on the type of project and who the intended audience is.

Generally though:

  • WordPress for the CMS/blog
  • Discourse for the forum
  • Slack for B2B professional communities
  • Discourse for gaming/hobby communities
  • Luma for virtual event registration
  • Notion for team docs & task management
  • Fathom for web analytics

I’m also an Invision Community fan for more traditional community builds, like gaming or fandom communities.

I love Discourse, but it feels very “made for people who work in tech and live on the internet”, if that makes sense? :sweat_smile:


It really does and I think it’s a problem! See here for related thoughts and discussion:


Yeah, saw that thread! The discourse (pun partially intended) was a tad too verbose for me to jump in. :sweat_smile:

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Appreciate the shout out Andy! Thanks :slight_smile:

We live in a great time for variety and choice of platforms.