What's your go-to definition of community?

Found this one through Marta Gonzalez’s pdf on designing communities!


Here’s the full PDF:

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I love the collection that is being built up here. :heart:

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from Yurii Lazaruk at his most recent Denver CMX:
“Communities are places where people come together to take on other people’s problems for themselves.”

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At a Common Room talk, “Community without compromise”, @enrouteto asked the panelists to define community from their storied expertise. We had the Head of Community from Intel, SAP, and Qualtrics!

So, here are the (paraphrased) definitions of Big experts in the space!

"Community is a defined group marked by a shared passion that encourages them to get together and collaborate to exchange value over time. " ~ Reinaldo Parreiras

“Within a business context, a community is a peer network coming to brand so they can discuss and respond to topics of ideation, knowledge gathering, clarification, and advancement.” ~ Dani Weinstein

“Community: Building real authentic, tangible relationships that translate to enormous goal-oriented impact. […] “Communities are not lead lists. They are benevolent resources for your business. They are for relationship-building, problem-solving, and altruistic influence. It just so happens they have great value for the organizations at their center.” ~ Michael Cooksey”


~ Michael Cooksey

I’ll edit this comment to provide the recording to the webinar when it comes out :slight_smile: