What's the first thing you do as a community builder every day?

When you log on first thing into your community, how do you catch up on what’s been happening in your community?

It’s an interesting question to understand how we operate on a day to day basis.

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In no particular order, I do the rounds across all the places the community hangs out — there are many! :sweat_smile: If I were to track this I’d imagine I have preferences as to where I go first and then next.

What’s currently lacking on a daily basis is the ability to easily track/capture what impact community-focused initiatives/products are having on key business metrics. Yet we’re gearing up to solve that in 2023. :muscle:

With that in mind, a future version of myself would check that data and then catch up based on what’s the current priority or in need of attention. So perhaps each day I’d be focused on catching up on a certain space/platform/thing that’s a key focus for the moment. And perhaps that means leaving “what’s happening” on other not-as-important places to weekly or fortnightly “what’s happening checks”. For sure that’ll require key community members to take ownership of that stuff for moderation purposes.

So I think the first thing can and should very much be context-specific at a given time based on goals and objectives. This approach might be fallible as it creates an opportunity to miss those serendipitous moments/sparks if eyes and ears aren’t everywhere. A tricky balance.