What qualitative data do you find useful to capture?

I’m looking at ways to measure community in a qualitative way.

In some senses, quantitative data is much easier to collate,

Some examples may be:

  • Traffic, showing up
  • Event attendance
  • Are members referring other members
  • Inbound links referencing community work published
  • Number of discussions / comments
  • Community content published (articles, videos, podcasts, etc)

Qualitative can be harder, or more manual to capture:

  • Thank you’s
  • Feedback
  • Member wins
  • Collaborations
  • High quality discussions
  • Members helping each other out
  • Deep community/product insights

I’m curious as to what qualitative data you find helpful to capture.

And also, do you capture it in any way?

The CHAOSS community is a fantastic resource here, but ultimately I STRONGLY recommend using Grounded Theory Analysis and structuring your journal information around a very clear theory - I prefer doing Social Currency Theory :slight_smile:

Here’s a presentation where I spoke about using social science to present ^^

and although it’s pretty old, here’s an introduction to the SCMS :slight_smile:

In short, however, here’s how I recommend going about this:

  1. Start with a field journal of 6 columns in a spreadsheet. don’t be fancy: (date/time, journal entry, category for the entry, disposition (positive/negative), and notes

  2. Start building that journal to include user sentiment. Start by copy/pasting but eventually bring data in using a Community Intelligence Platform or API to a BI tool.

  3. Start building a social-scientific structure to identify, analyze, structure, and understand the results consistently over time. Truth is in the trend, power is in the pattern.