What examples of forums exist out there?

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Forum examples




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There are so many no code products that have forums as a start to their community. Many times the forum allows members to connect and end up with smaller micro communities, usually not formally run by the product, but use the product for fun or to run their entire business.

Notion has one zillion.

But this one specifically: https://notionanswers.com/

I don’t want to spam the list with a million Discourse forums but if anyone wants an example of any specific kind of community (product, SaaS, education, creator etc) let me know and I’ll add curated examples to the list.


I’m interested, I think I’d like to evolve the list to mention what platform is being used for each forum.

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Likewise! I could add 250 on there without thinking too hard but it would be a bit spammy. Happy to refine the list into “huge”, “specialist”, etc (ok maybe not specialist as they tend to be gross lol)

I’ve added a few large forums and a few interesting ones.

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Yes, it’s a good point. Perhaps choose the ‘good’ forums, or ones to ‘aspire’ to.