What does community enable?

Sometimes people like or share Tweets that I wrote a while back. It’s a nice reminder and re-learning opportunity to re-think, reconsider or take note of the things (like I’m doing now in this post).

The latest reminder is ‘what does community enable?’

The tweet generated some great and true answers:

  • The list is smaller if you flip it to what doesn’t community enable.
  • Growth, as an individual and a group.
  • A sense of belonging
  • Meaningful relationships and friendships
  • Involvement
  • It fosters relationships & human connect hence business growth
  • Personal growth, belonging, encouragement
  • storytelling
  • Getting smarter faster! Why learn the hard way when you can lean on your community for insight!
  • connection
  • Collaboration
  • Care
  • Community enables growth and often a little push out of the comfort zone.
  • Transmission
  • Impact
  • Action
  • Acceptance
  • Conversation and learning!
  • Growth and real bonds
  • A shared sense of purpose and belonging in this fast paced world. We are all looking for our tribe and a truly purpose driven community genuinely helps with that.
  • Being supported
  • A community enables shared experiences
  • Meaningful matches and opportunities to build together
  • Community is that we all support first and receive last
  • Probably more community
  • New opportunities
  • Save time

I look at this list and nod my head, but as I read it, and especially from a sustainability perspective, it feels a bit vague and intangible.

So, the above list is true, but do we need to be more precise with our language when we go to speak and advocate for the communities we are building?

For example, if we take the idea that community enables growth, we would communicate it more like: we believe we can grow this group to 50 people as a result we aim to do x, y, z.