What do you really want from in real life events?

With in real life events coming back, what would you love to see happening at them? Or what don’t you want to see?

For example:

  • How do you feel about watching talks at conferences?
  • How do you feel about large events? Or what is the maximum size you currently feel comfortable with?
  • How do you think in real life events need to change?
  • Are IRL events going to have less attendees and therefore more difficult to sustain financially?

Things are definitely going to change for IRL events - right now I don’t feel comfortable attending anything of any significant size, nor do I expect to anytime soon.

What I would love to see at IRL events is a real emphasis on the hybrid side of things - not just a livestream with comments, but really bringing people into the action in some way. Using apps like Sli.do makes a great way for hybrid interactions and Q&A, or incorporating a practical build-along element to content (people can make something alongside the speaker and attendees even if they’re at home) - there are so many ideas that we haven’t yet seen that I’m super excited to dive into and get involved in.

I gave an online talk about hybrid communities a few months ago and it included some audience participation where attendees added their ideas - this feels relevant here, so here are the screenshots from those sessions:

Full post is here if you would like to see more: Creating Equitable Hybrid Communities – Hugh Lashbrooke

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I saw this today: specifically not seeking comfort. And I like it.

The world is changing, yet again. It’s almost like it turns in circles. We have started to convene, back within ‘real’ spaces for ‘real’ conversations.

And yet i do not want comfort.

When we come together i do not want to familiarity of old ideas, but rather the friction and fear of new ones.

I do not want an answer nor a story set in stone, but rather the ability to discuss, debate, to learn and to share.

I do not want safety, but rather uncertainty and the stumbling narrative of finding new vocabulary with which to shape and share new thinking.

I feel lucky to be ‘coming together’, but the point of it, for me, is to quest forward, not through dogmatic repetition, nor mindlessly waiting for insight to be dropped, but rather to explore, or possibly to create, the new.

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