What do you find most annoying in communities?

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What do you find annoying in communities?


The biggest contender for this, imho, is marketing spam. People just come in with a selfish mindset to promote their own stuff.

I also posted this as a tweet earlier.


This is not a huge one, but fresh on my mind per today :sweat_smile:, but I’d say inappropriate tagging of @channel (this is more Slack or Discord specific). getting a channel wide notification when it is not important or does not pertain to me drives me nuts. use those @channel tags wisely!


Communities that exist solely as public helpdesks, or are siloed in general from the rest of the organization.


yes @andymci !

I get annoyed when community members are rewarded more for taking than they are taught on how to give in the community.

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When there are too many newbies and not enough people to learn from.

I think a lot of communities suffer from this as they grow; it’s much easier to attract newbies and get them to publish, so slowly the veterans find less and less value…which means they’re less likely to answer the newbies. We saw this pretty intensely at CMX Summit, where the old hands were much less enthused, but we had such a growing base of newbies we had to cater to them.

I think figuring out how to try to serve each “generation” is key as a community gets older (but also very hard).