What creative things have you seen done or experimented with at in-person community events?

Saw this and thought that’s a cool idea to run at an conference!

Bring a global community together and ask them to bring their local sweet treats along with them. Create a pick n mix. :candy: :lollipop: :chocolate_bar:

Such an amazing, uplifting day for our @BMSGROUP Day yesterday, discussing culture, hearing from the incredible @JohnAmaechi and meeting lots of new colleagues.
Thanks to @wearematchable & @WeAreCoachCore for joining us. #peoplefirst #StrongerTogether #culture

— Louisa Erwin (@louisa_erwin) September 28, 2022

Got me wondering, what creative things have you seen done at in-person community events? What have you experimented with? What happened?


Love the International Candy tray. I may have to “borrow” that at our upcoming community Retreat.

At our event last year, we played family feud and it was a blast. One person was designated the Emcee and we randomly mixed up teams. We laughed and competed for 90 minutes straight. It was simple, fun and a great way to connect everyone. Plus, we already had all of the A/V setup, so, we got our money’s worth!

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We do this exact thing at our global meetups (without the fancy stand).


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