What community programs have you implemented?

I really enjoy hearing about community programs that people have started and how they made it happen. So let’s share some examples from our own work so we can all learn from each other (and you can brag about your own successes!).

What is an example of a community program or initiative that you have launched and what was your involvement in the process? What challenges did you face? Was it successful? How did you measure success?

I’d love to hear about these things, even (and especially) if they’re hyper-specialised to your community and not something you feel could be applicable elsewhere.


For Ministry of Testing:

TestBash is an annual conference (that turned into global and multiple conferences)

  • challenges: growing them was very community-driven, but whilst they didn’t lose money, many didn’t. In hindsight I would have chosen to do less and make them more profitable (to do then reinvest money into other things)
  • was it successful: I’d say so, it helped grow the community, the company as a whole and events are still very much at the heart of what they do, a whole generation of new speakers came out of it.
  • it also led onto community led meetups - we reached 100+ meetups globally pre-covid