What can community builders learn from activists?

I look at activists with awe.

The things they do to create change.

Their focus on values and ethics.

The way they grab attention (aka marketing) authentically and creatively.

Their commitment to the cause.

The unwillingness to sell out.

The investing and supporting causes, because they can.

This post is inspired by ‘Led by Donkeys’

Sometimes it’s the little things, like the one person they are following (a donkey sanctuary)

In other situations, it’s sheer bravery, or some will say stupidity.

Like climbing up a bridge, setting yourself up in a hammock and closing it for 2 days.

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Activism isn’t community building, but I think we can learn so much from them in how they gather, the things they do, how they get people to rise up with such passion and conviction.

This is often what is missing in the community world.

Do you have any thoughts or examples around this?

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Ah, you’ve reminded me of this Live Your Legend piece, and the writings of Gene Sharp it references.