What are your community predictions for 2023?

Community predictions came up in a recent Rosieland conversation, and then I saw a couple of posts predicting community for 2023.

What do you think we’ll see in 2023 for community?

And maybe we can revisit this at the end of the year (and laugh!)?

Some posts I’ve seen on the topic:

I’m predicting:

  • many communities will die out as people realise what is involved it making good communities
  • the grass roots community will rise and bring new voices, ideas and potentially tools
  • we will become more product minded when it comes to community
  • some community tools will wither and die
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Agree with @rosiesherry predictions and would add:

  • more focus on in person communities
  • smaller community teams with more responsibilities and large focus on ROI
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  • Effective vibrant communities are always multi-platform: there is no “on platform fits all”
  • They span interactions at different sizes with different channels: if one person or a small set of people have to be part of every interaction it’s not a community. Communities should foster one on one conversations, small groups, large groups, Special Interest Group or Birds of a Feather interactions, and some communications should be addressed to “everyone.”
  • Communities are about peers helping peers advance - self-organizing CoP model still valid.

John Smith of Learning Alliances contributed to these insights.

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