👋 We're closing this space down

I’ve been working on a community space for the past couple of months for paid members, I love how that is evolving and how it is making my life so much better as a ‘community manager’.

As a result, it doesn’t feel like it makes sense to keep this space. (It’s creating confusion and too much extra work for me).

I’ll be closing down this space in the next couple of months as I figure out how to move certain content elsewhere.

I hope you’ll consider joining as a paid member on Rosieland to support our on going efforts to create an inspiring and valuable community space.

Thanks for creating this space and keeping it going while you could! Everything is an experiment, and would love to hear more of your learnings about this one.

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I certainly understand wanting to consolidate platforms/tools and resource areas. I haven’t been very active here, but did enjoy this space and some of the discussion. Out of curiosity would you have been more inclined to keep this space if Discourse was easier to deal with for subscription/paywall stuff? Were there other factors involved in moving away from Discourse?

I’ve loved connecting with others here, and seeing how you’ve used Discourse for ideas with my own communities :heart:

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@rosiesherry to be clear are you talking about closing the Glitter area or the Rosieland forum as a whole?

Good question, Mark.

Glitter is staying, it’s the Village that is going. I can’t maintain the two.

Awww, that’s a shame :frowning: Does anyone know of any other communities for community managers etc?

We still have a community (on rosie.land), it’s just not on this platform as we had ended up with a private and public space. It’s lifetime access and very affordable and gives you access to a ton of other things.

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