Value creation vs. Value capture - Is this really a thing?

I’m curious how y’all think about this topic. I personally feel like if you don’t intentionally capture value aka learn, then how would you create personalized value?

Even when a community member chooses to purchase, isn’t that a signal that they’ve encountered enough value creation to make that purchase?

Most communities I talk to don’t do nearly enough “value capture”. Otherwise, their efforts would be more widely recognized and community wouldn’t be seen as a black box. The result would be hyper-personalized programs, topics, events, etc, because we’d be using that context to drive strategy and action. Or is this more about optics and the words we use?

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Hey Josh,

This generates so many thoughts for me. :heart:

Do you have a best link/resource for people to learn about Value creation vs Value capture?

I still feel like I need to better educate myself on this and how this could apply better to community.

Is the key to then decide what to capture? What should we look at capturing? Is what we capture in community different than in growth/marketing?

What kind of things is more specific for community capturing?

Personally, I feel that our teams are so under resourced that we end up only just being able to deliver on an outcome (for example, hosting an event), but we don’t take enough time to capture and action/create insights from our work. We pat ourselves on the back and quickly move on to the next thing.

Community brings so much and we need to get better at figuring out what to do with all the value we create, to keep building upon the traction and flywheels we create.