Using Discourse Chat vs. Slack

Hello! I am exploring Discourse Chat as an option.

Currently, we have a few overlapping Slack Workspaces, and one ends up primarily hosting one-time support questions; there’s very little community discussion. So, I’m curious if that could be effectively replaced with Discourse Chat.

Are there any examples of Discourse Chat out there? How is it working out for you? :slight_smile:


We have one set up here, see the top right hand side of the navigation.

I haven’t really put effort into it and still thinking about how to use it tbh.

I think I’d love to see it as a place to hang out for everyone. This space is free for everyone and always will be. The slight challenge is we have a Slack for paid members. I think they could still both work together though if I maintain the mindset that this place is open + free and the slack is more about collaborating and working on community projects together.


Here’s an example of a Discourse with chat.