Turning off the trophies and rewards

I just received the following email from Fitbit. My daughter used a Fitbit device for a bit as did I many years ago.

And all I could think of. Imagine turning off the trophy and reward system for a community you advocate for! :open_mouth:

The email gave no real reasons why other than:

We’ll continue to update the Fitbit app and develop new features that create an even better experience over time.

I guess this comes with the territory of being acquired by a tech state like Google.

Just found it fascinating.

For the community I advocate for, we’ll eventually turn on more member rewards, badges, points and trophies etc. And I’d never considered what would happen if that was so well established that we decided we’d turn it off. We’d have to have a good number of reasons and be transparent with the community.

How about you, have you ever established a rewards system to then turn it all off?