TIL: LinkedIn has limits on groups

I found this out because someone tried to join the Rosieland LinkedIn group, I tried to approve their request, but it turns out they are in too many groups. (They were a recruiter, so I’m not surprised, haha).

I went to ‘Learn more’ and found their limits interesting. It’s not something I’ve put much thought into and it’s kind of interesting to see how ‘community design’ happens in LinkedIn groups.

To make LinkedIn groups relevant and manageable, we have some set limits for membership, content, and other activities within a group.

Group Entity Limit
Number of groups a member can create in one day Five
Number of groups a member can delete in one day 30
Membership limit for one group 3 million
Number of owners a group can have 10
Number of managers a group can have 20
Number of groups a member can manage 30
Number of groups a member can be part of 100
Number of groups with pending request to join 20
Character limit for group posts 3000
Number of mentions within one conversation 20
Character limit for comments 1250