This forum as "comments" for Blog?

I read this blog post today and wanted to commend on it:

Unfortunately where the comments should be it just says:

Comments couldn’t be loaded. It looks like an account for has not been set up.

Looks like you’re implementing Cove perhaps, but it’s not setup yet? That’d be a fine way to go, certainly. But…

Have you considered using this forum for that purpose? This approach isn’t quite as seamless as something like Cove Comments, but it has the advantage that you already have this space here, and it would also create some back and forth dynamic between the forum and blog. Not sure if there’s a way to integrate Ghost + Discourse logins easily, but probably…


I’ve seen other sites do that and I think it’s a great idea - you can include the link to the forum thread at the end of the post so people can click over to it. Depending on your platform you might even be able to embed the forum thread in there for people to view. I think it’s a great idea to keep the conversation and community in one place - the only drawback is that you need to be registered for an account in order to comment, which could put off some casual readers/commenters.


Yeah, to clarify, this is actually officially supported for Discourse (this forum) + Ghost (the blog platform):


I had noticed comment could not be loaded this week and really not sure why it started appearing, I don’t think it was there before and I don’t think I changed anything.

I was actually looking at the Discourse + Ghost integration and considering that, which I’d prefer over Cove, mostly because it would save me an extra cost.

I’m very happy you are seeking to comment on stuff and will happily implement the Discourse + Ghost thing very soon!


This integration is now up and running, I’m looking forward to seeing it get used!

Let me know what you think!


It’s been a while, but I just finally used it. Thumbs up. :slight_smile: (also maybe reduce the 100 character minimum reply requirement a little?)

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Thanks, I’ve done that. :gold: