The Village - Multigenerational co-living in the heart of San Francisco

I found another place called The Village! And I’m logging it here so I dont’ forget about it. My brain is feels mush these days.

I love the idea of co-living, I’m not sure I’m brave enough to do or try it, it fascinates me though!

Link to the website:

I found it after I stumbled upon a blog from a resident:

We are a house and community of 19 adults, kids, parents, non-parents, and families of different shapes. We are a mix of folks in many different stages of life who are interested in living in community with children.

We believe that humans aren’t meant to live – or raise kids – in isolation. We strive to live interconnected with each other and with the communities around us. That’s why we’re putting “it takes a village” into practice. Our house is a mini-village where people come together to share the highs and the lows of living together and raising the next generation.

We bring more joy and ease to life by sharing cooking, adventures, babysitting, teaching, late nights telling stories, shoulders to cry on, and everything in between. We aim to raise kids together rather than exasperated and alone, and we dream of being like family to each other’s kids. We know that the whole can be more than the sum of its parts and we’re putting that into action.

We believe that the benefits of this model outweigh the challenges, whether or not we have young ones ourselves. We are choosing to live together so that we can inspire, nourish, challenge, and fascinate each other.