The Input Output Community Funnel

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Community pairing, for me, is coming together to do things as a pair. However, when we build community we can expand this concept to have a wider reach too.

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Great article! In the world of Academia I’d add there are a few more community outputs that may or may not overlap with your list:

  • collaboration opportunities
  • sharing ideas / insights that leads to further research projects and ideas
  • hashing through difficult ideas from people with slightly different backgrounds (e.g. biochemistry, bioinformatics, metabolomics, etc.)
  • grant opportunities (either from collaboration or from discovering new ones)
  • publishing opportunities (help someone out, get added as a co-author)

Sometimes in this space, it’s just fun to put heads together and get closer to solving a bunch of really hard problems. In biology, nothing is straightforward, and sometimes it’s just nice to commiserate about how difficult everything is.

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Yes. :heart_eyes:

I think partly we can work towards a generic list, but as with all these things context always matters and communities will always have unique situations to cater for.

You could also encourage folks to share resources. We manage a small community for interior designers and have folks who share office spaces and employee time.

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