The idea of community magically appearing is community builder erasure

The whole Reddit blackout thing is still going strong.

It’s hard to know if the impact will last, but there’s a real sour taste and disrespect towards community builders who have spent years building up communities.

This is not a byproduct. This is exploitation.

Colin references it as community builder erasure, what do you think about it?

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I feel like the Reddit mods who are continuing to protest have finally figured it out - No more blackouts, just leaving their subs as unmoderated only following Reddits rules, no more no less. It’s genius. It’ll immediately show how important moderation is.

Reddit and its moderators have always had a weird relationship though, with the vast majority of Reddit users having little idea how much moderators do, those that do understand it consider the mods to be tyrants, and then there is the small % who actually get it. I don’t know if this was ever going to change, but it never had to because Reddit was this weird mutilation of forums that just worked when it never should have. Just like Tumblr. Yet, once you throw these crazy unnatural forces into the mix, it all falls apart.

No clue where I am going with this, I am enjoying the infinite popcorn show as this all burns though.


Yes to the Popcorn shows.

I created a Popcorn channel in another community, it’s fun to post links to comment and observe on with that purpose.

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