🌶 Spicy take: Community has too much focus on relationships

It’s not just about relationships, doing stuff together & having a common vision.

It has just as much to do with being inspired by each other’s ideas & creating our own things.

We may never connect, and you may never know how your contributions matter.

Sometimes people will reach out years later to me saying how ‘x’ made a difference for them.

The ‘x’ could be so many things:

  • An event.
  • An idea.
  • Rejecting an idea.
  • Encouraging new ideas.
  • A rant.
  • A shared trauma/experience.
  • A question.
  • Not being sold to or being used as a pawn.

We can only hold so many relationships before it becomes exhausting.

A successful community helps people.

You don’t have to have conversations with everyone to help them.

And of course, I’m not saying relationships don’t matter. There should just be a balance and an understanding that it’s not always needed.

:bird: Also posted on Twitter.