Small Bets by Daniel Vassallo

Small Bets in an interesting community that has taken off that runs repeated and regular cohorts at a one off low price.

  • Daniel Vasallo does well sharing his story along the way.
  • He has created a good brand around ‘small bets’
  • Has a no-nonsense and common sense approach to things
  • Charges a one-off fee rather than recurring

Espree wrote a few words on his work on LinkedIn, copied below for quick reference.

We all just want to feel seen and be valued.

Entrepreneur Daniel Vassallo makes his whole community feel seen and he deeply and authentically values each one of us.

Never up sells.
Charges lower than his competitors.
Doesn’t have recurring fees.

His product has just a one time cost that’s sometimes 50% off during a Black Friday and all of us who spent the whole ticket price are cool with it - because Daniel continually overdelivers.

Daniel left his high paying engineer job at Amazon and created a world called “Small Bets”. He left behind a handsome future payday in exchange for prioritizing family and reclaiming ownership of his time. He’d never been a marketer. He didn’t have a twitter. He hadn’t ever created a digital product and to my belief (I may be wrong) I don’t think he had ever founded anything up til that point. Maybe he had a lemonade stand as a kid.

When he left Amazon he started experimenting with what he called “small bets”; building a tech product, writing an e-book, creating a course, launching a digital group. He tried them all to see how each performed. To assess how much time and money they took to operate. And especially to see if he enjoyed operating them. All while also exploring how to use social media to market the products.

In just a year he gained a huge following and shares every last thing he does with his community. No gimmicks. No hackery. Just one human being giving their all to create a new pathway in life and sharing what he learns along the way.

He says to think of Small Bets like this… venture capitalists and book publishers don’t go all in on 1 single book or 1 single tech company - they both have a portfolio of bets, not knowing which one will take off. So why don’t we as individuals also have a portfolio of small bets…:thinking:

All the thought leaders chant to us to Focus Focus Focus. That focus is the only path toward succeeding, but what if we’re focusing on the wrong bet?

Living an enriched life is one where we can be curious, creative and explore. Whether we have several small bets aka experiments within a single project or we have a portfolio of small bets doing several projects, why focus when we don’t yet know the data to what performs best for the lifestyle we’d like to lead.

Okay so if you’re like me thinking, if I have so many things going on at once how will I do any of them well… right? I asked him this question.

Here’s his take on what focus means to him. He focuses on one small bet (project) at a time. This is to both experience how he likes working with that bet and to review the results of doing the bet. He sets a deadline to decide if he’ll carry on with that small bet or discontinue it. Once a bet is streamlined he moves onto the next.

Daniel’s “Small Bets” methodology gave me permission to lean into being curious and to relinquish the stress of needing to be perfect.

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