Should every community have a community page?

I was looking at Makerpad as I was curious as to how they are looking a few months (or a year?) after being acquired.

Even though they are very community focused I noticed a shift away from community being a strong focus. For example, it’s no longer in the main nav and they made a decision not to continue with a forum (Circle).

They do have a community page with a very clear way of showing where to connect and how to contribute.

It actually makes me think that this is a great way for companies to get started with community — by having a community page. As you are starting it won’t have much on it, but as it grows it can be used as a place to guide people to the places or ways to contribute.

What else could be useful to include on a ‘community page’?

And show off yours if you have one that already exists. :slight_smile:


I’d prefer it if the community page had a link to their own forums, but I’m extremely biased. :smile:

It all depends on the strategy for me. If it’s used to avoid investing in community by being able to tick a box, then it makes me sad. If it’s used to find people and start conversations, then it makes me happy.

One of our clients have a community page that offers entry to their forum, events and blog:


Oh, nice customer you have there. :heart_eyes:

I guess companies are at different stages of their community efforts, the more mature ones will have a forum, ones just starting (often) out won’t have one. Not always, of course, but we can live in hope.

I’m also aware that members often ask how they can contribute, having a single one pager to make it easy for people to choose how to observe or contribute is a winning situation, I think.


Yeah, there is no one size fits all which is kinda cool. I’d always encourage a business to keep community highly visible on their site, even if it just social media for now. It’s a starting point to build on.


I came here to comment and then @MattM has said exactly what I came here to say, so just throwing in a +1 to that :slight_smile:


Absolutely believe this is an excellent approach. I think it helps address various scenarios:

  • I’m new here. Why should I bother being part of this community?
  • I’m ready to give more of me to this community. How can I get involved?
  • I’ve been away for a while. What’s happening and what can I now do here?
  • I’d like to recommend this community to others. Where should I direct them to?
  • I like options so I can be part of this community on my own terms. What are my options?