Sharing the positives of web3 and the future of community

I see a lot of negatives around web3 being all hype/greed/worst of the internet… and would love to hear more positive stories shared here. I know there are a lot of people that are trying to build for good, and improve the experience of being a member of an online community. I’m a supporter of the latter so I’d love to see others share the positives of web3 here!


You know what? I’ve been struggling to find a response to this, but then it came to me.

And how could I forget the wonderful work that @seemcat is doing at Women in Web3.

Even though I don’t know the specifics of her efforts, I love the catchups we have and the willingness to look at her efforts as something that doesn’t get carried away with the hype.


Couldn’t agree with you more, people like @seemcat in Web3 space are inspiring! It’s unfortunate that Web3 is considered an “overhyped” term when there truly are people in the space that want to bring positive change to the space. Change in general is difficult and will always be met with resistance plus of course there are many bad players that have been attracted to this space. It’s why it’s even more important for those with true intentions to know they aren’t alone and to be acknowledged for their contributions!

It’s difficult to avoid the hype stage of web3 because this happens with any major change - you get the people trying to capitalise from it shouting louder than the other folks who are quietly and slowly building something of lasting value.

I’d recommend looking at what the community veterans are supporting (those with 10+ years experience and track record on spotting and avoiding hype or word-salad-self-promoters).

Keep an eye on Open Meta DAO which is supported by Vincent Boon (ex Giffgaff and Standing on Giants): and you can read more explanation on on Open Meta here: Open Meta AMA: The Key to Community | by Open Meta DAO | May, 2022 | Medium


StartupGrind are probably one to keep an eye on, they’ve just launched a DAO but without crypto, I think.

I’ll need to spend some time looking into it.