Rosieland, but for Support?

As much as I love the world of Community, is anyone familiar with any communities/resources similar to Rosieland and all she does, but for the world or Customer Support/Service as the primary topic instead?

I’ve been drifting between the two worlds of Community/CS as of late, but trying to find the cool and innovative things Support teams are doing is damn near impossible it seems, and finding folks to chat with is even more hard. To be clear, I don’t care at all what Zendesk, SFDC, or random company in the space is doing but where are the cool kids doing the cool things that are years ahead of everyone else hanging out?

TLDR; I want some “support” friends who don’t just do what the big players say they have to do.

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@maxpete I wonder if you are aware of anything?

@rosiesherry thank you!

@Mallclerks I know of one on Discord run by Eli Weiss! Definitely worth joining, a lot of good people there. I don’t have an invite link, but here is his twitter which he can invite from there!

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I met a guy, Scott Tran, at CMX in 2019 who runs a group called Support Driven that’s all for support professionals.

Looks to be pretty cool and they’ve been running for a while now! Not sure if it’s 100% what you’re looking for but I’d say it’s worth checking out.

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:pray: I was trying to look for this as I remember connecting with Scott, but my brain failed on remembering the names.

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Thanks to you all! Got into their discord and hit up Scott’s site as well!