Referral tool for paid communities?

Does anyone use referral tools for their paid or private communities? I’m looking for something for my paid Discourse and paid Discord communities.

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By referral, do you mean affiliates?

If so, I’ve used Gumroad as an affiliate for my communities. It’s a pretty basic set up.

Yeah like an affiliate. For example, if someone refers their friend to join my paid private community the referrer gets rewarded with a free month or some payout of sorts. How does Gumroad connect with Discourse?

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I haven’t used Gumroad for Discourse.

Previously and currently I’ve used it for Slack and Discord. When people pay they get emailed an invite link.

ReferralHero or ReferralCandy might be a fit.

Thanks @andymci I’ll check these out :slight_smile: Have you had and luck with a referral program for a paid community?

Not yet. I’ve looked into it as a hypothetical “how would I do this?” quite a bit, though. :yum:

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I’d love your ideas! My thought would be to have a few private channels members could access with enough referrals.

Do you feel it would actually help grow your community? I feel it might be the wrong way about it but on the other hand it does give members an incentive to bring in new members.

It depends on the community, the members, their motivations, and what the referral incentives are.

Do referrals help with growth? Absolutely. (See: Network effect)

The challenge lies in the program setup.

Incentivizing referrals with a $100 Amazon gift card isn’t the same as incentivizing with community swag or a month of free premium membership.

IMO, your best bet is to treat it as a test. Do something small, minimize the risk, learn what works, and keep testing until you find a winning approach – or toss out the idea entirely.