Real stories of community journeys

I stumbled upon how Adolfo OchagavĂ­a got involved in the Rust community.

There were two parts that stood out to me:

How the experience formed him through the good effort of the people:

This all was an incredibly formative experience as a programmer. It has been some years since my last pull request, but I still remember how the maintainers helped me with patience, even willing to teach me Git basics, and tirelessly reminding me to trim trailing whitespace from my code. Props to them, who never lost temper!

How priorities of life (needing to work and pay the bills) come first, and community is sadly of one of them.

What happened then? I got sidetracked by other work, and haven’t contributed again with significant portions of code. I would gladly make a comeback, but I am no longer a student and I need to prioritize work that is interesting and pays my bills.

I wonder what else we could learn from other people’s community journeys.

Does anyone else want to contribute some stories?