Rambling Readers

Rambling Readers is a friendly community of book lovers. You can track your reading, talk about books, write reviews, and discover what to read next.

We are a UK based instance of BookWyrm. Anyone is welcome to join and no particular genre is favoured. You can follow and interact with users on other BookWyrm instances and on Mastodon.

We are committed for the long term to the Bookwyrm project, to maintaining the Rambling Readers instance, and to ensuring a responsive and reliable user experience.

Notes of interest:

It currently costs around £1000 per annum to run the Rambling Readers BookWyrm instance. This includes:

  • Server and file storage space (Mythic Beasts, Cambridge, UK): £62.16/month
  • Off-site backup file space (Digital Ocean, Frankfurt, Germany): £6.60/month
  • Systems monitoring and status page (Cronitor, Berkeley, USA): £14/month
  • Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Tier 1 registration fee: £35/annum
  • Domain name registration (DNS): £10/annum
  • SMTP mail service (Prolateral Consulting, Luton, UK): £18/annum

The server is currently over-specified to provide an excellent user experience, especially for CPU-constrained functionality such as import. There is room for growth in users over the next 12 months within this specification without a reduction in performance. The server will be upgraded as the number of users increase before any deterioration in performance.