Quality Health Spaces & Communities

I found this via @Francis on LinkedIn, see original post by Mohammed Iqbal.

This post touches on luxury gym spaces, but it can apply to other industries, one example is Chief. Other examples are coworking spaces in general.

I think this is potentially a great area for community builders to tap into and develop strategies that work better for IRL communities.

:moneybag:Would you pay $30,000+ a year for a gym?

The post pandemic gym growth has been largely driven by High-Value, Low-Priced gyms such as Planet Fitness, Crunch Fitness, and strong regional players such as YouFit Gyms, Chuze Fitness, and US Fitness Holdings, LLC that average under $750 / year.

At the same time, more gyms and services have been growing at the other end of the spectrum charging between $500 - $3000, per month for access - IF you are accepted.

:weight_lifting_woman: the ness nyc in New York, only accepts members through a referral and an interview process.

:crown: Monarch Athletic Club in West Hollywood requires members to go through a medical evaluation, physical therapy and a training assessment - branding itself as the first evidence-based, physician-directed ‘one stop shop” for health and wellness. Membership costs $2000 / month and access is reviewed quarterly.

:ghost: GHOST in Brooklyn only accepts members who are thought leaders, creatives, and founders or executives.

:droplet:Remedy Place brands itself as the “world first social wellness club,” requires applications and interviews to join. They offer IV drips, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, compressions suits and sound baths. An all-access plan is $2750 per month. They brand has two locations and caps its membership at 200 in Los Angeles and 300 in New York.

:tophat: Heimet by RSG Group GmbH, one of the most sought after fitness spaces in West Hollywood, asks applicants to provide their social media handles to restrict pictures or selfies within the facility.

I have had the opportunity to visit most of these locations - they are world class facilities with some of the most incredible team of operators, trainers, coaches, dietitians and more…

While the inequality gap in the United States is decreasing (slowly), the US still has the highest gap out of the G7 nations.

In a time where clubs, such as Soho House & Co are growing in popularity, while offices are facing a decline, are these exclusive clubs becoming the new country clubs with long application processes?