Possibilities with AI in Community (AIiC)

I have heard that Stack may be partnering with Open.AI and Microsoft to bring the AI capabilities in to their knowledge management platform. So that could be a very interesting development.

I started using ChatGPT to give me some inspiration and to break down complex concepts into easy language for blogs. It helps me move past sticking points and reduces the chances of my attention being diverted elsewhere!

I used it here for a few lines among my own (it also suggested the title which I really liked) Strengthening Community Trust with Privacy and PII Data Features - Invision Community - Invision Community


Were there any types of prompts that you felt worked best?

I’m still learning, but I tend to write a draft with minimal editing, and then ask ChatGPT to rewrite to it be ________ for a ________, eg “rewrite this to be more assured for a company press release”

Then I pick through the result and choose any sentences or phrasing that I like and edit it back into my draft.

That way it still feels authentic but with some nicer more concise passages.

If I get stuck, I’ll ask it to “explain _____ in simple terms” and see what it gives.


I just saw this from Mighty Networks, which I like the idea of:

Show Similarities Makes Connections Easier
Let members click a button on someone’s profile page and instantly see what they have in common—perfect for starting a conversation.


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I’ve been writing newsletter articles on LinkedIn for our LinkedIn Page.

The latest approach has the following goals:

  • Use an existing article or talk on our platform, to big up the author/presenter
  • Encourage folks to visit our platform
  • Use a CTA to encourage people to sign up for our weekly email newsletter
  • Promote one of our major conferences
  • Include a community photo from one of our conferences to remind people we can get together in person

And the other day I tried the following:

  1. Grab a talk transcript and prompt Bard to summarise it into three key points
  2. Use the output to help write the article without watching the talk

It worked well. I had to split the transcript into three as there’s a limit to how much text you can prompt Bard with. This was beneficial as it gave me three different replies which influenced what I shared in the article.

I’ll defo try it again.

I think this is a really good example from Bravado: SalesGPT

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I love this and have had similar ideas for community / Rosieland. It still feels pretty basic but I can imagine it improving over time.