Personal metrics

I’m on the support team and have had metrics (weekly) related to number of tickets taken and phone calls made. Now that I’ve moved into community those metrics don’t make sense. Any suggestions on what metrics might be appropriate?

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Is this for a forum only? or community as a whole?

For The Village I mostly just keep an eye on what Discourse provide:

Over a period of a year I look for upwards trending graphs, I work for myself though, so somewhat a different scenario.

I also see the forum as part of an overall community flywheel, so it’s not just about the quantitative data, it’s also about other things.

What interesting things could happen in the forum, or as the result of the forum, that is worth noting and measuring in a more manual way, for example:

  • a member pain/challenge identified
  • a product idea shared
  • a new blog discovered
  • people finding community via seo
  • the outcome of an article was initiated from a forum post
  • a forum post was shared on social
  • the idea of a forum post was turned into an Instagram/tiktok/whatever post

I’m also seeing a forum now as a place to quickly put things so there is useful-ness now, to then turn ideas into articles and other things later.

I’ve done this via Glitter (encourage people to post quick updates, Twitter style-ish) and also I created a Community Second Brain wiki post page, with the intention to write an article and link to the resource too.

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Thanks for this. The community I manage is only on insided. So just a forum for now.