Optimal fireside chat timing

Hi everyone :wave:, I’ve just started a new community for finance managers working with rebates. I’m kicking off our fireside chat series and am curious about the best start time for international members (mostly UK and North America).

In your experience, what’s been the best timeframes for optimizing attendance? I’m thinking 11am EDT. Thanks! :blush:

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Sounds about right, imho.

I’ve been doing them around 6-7pm UK time, but it increasingly feels too late in the day. I’ll probably move them to 4/5pm.

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Hey @Cale – just an aside. Your homepage isn’t scaling responsively. This is what it looks like for me on latest Chrome/MacOS

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Hi @rosiesherry, I appreciate that. It feels like 11 am EDT is the best bet, agreed.

That said, there’s something so cozy about an evening fireside chat, a cup of tea, and community. Maybe we should brand some custom fireplace Zoom backgrounds for attendees :grin:

Hiya @HAWK I appreciate the heads up!