November cmgr unconference

Hello (-:

Following the success of the June 2022 hybrid community manager (cmgr) unconference, I’m planning another one in November 2022.

Proposed dates are:

  1. Tuesday 22 November 2022,
  2. Wednesday 23 November,
  3. Thursday 24 November,
  4. Friday 25 November.

Please reply and let me know which you prefer.

If you’re new to unconferences, then checkout the following video of UK Gov Camp (another unconference I run) UKGovcamp14 #UKGC14 - short film by @grahamhi - YouTube



Would be ideal!

Thanks for organising and hosting, @jaCattell. It’s very much appreciated.

I do hope I can make it in person. :smile:

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Just to clarify for folks reading this, is the in-person part based in London, UK?

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Yes it’ll be in London, and online (-:


Hello (-:

I can no longer run the upcoming Autumn / Fall 2022 event, but I have £1,500 of sponsorship money if you’d like to. Reply here if you’re up for it and I’ll happily provide 1 hour per week of guidance.


Sounds interesting. Happy to have a conversation with anyone else who would like to make it happen. I assume there is an email list, do you have anything else e.g. a Trello board, Miro etc from the June event?

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I have an event in mid-November but might be able to help in some way. Just let me know.

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Hey Sharon - good to see you here :slight_smile:

Here’s the Miro board from the June 2022 event.

No mailing list, but I’ve pointed everyone to this forum / post who either registered for the first event, or showed interest in the Autumn / Fall event.


Hello Jacattell,
Thank you for reaching out.
Is there any other person on this project so we can get to work?
And do you have any process in place for sustainability or we will have to start from the scratch? Or anything from the Miro board?
Am available for further discussion.
Awaiting your response.

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Hello and thanks for replying :slight_smile:

I’m the only person who organised the June event.
No process in place, but happy to talk thru what I did.
You can book time with me via


Hey I would love to be a part of this next UnConference but I can’t take on any pro-bono activity, and I am not a paying member of Rosieland at the moment. What would be the best way to do some episodic support/assistance, or is there a way I can help that includes compensation for my contribution?

Alteranatively I would just really love to keep in touch about attending at a minimum. The last one in June was INCREDIBLE.

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Hello (-:

Lovely to see you here :slight_smile:

What would you like to do?



I wouldn’t be able to attend if the event is still intended to go head in November with the dates previously floated but happy to support organizing as it was such a great event. For those who have expressed interest above Pixlz, Marcduke, Ofon, SamanthaVenia (I can’t tag more than 2 people as a new Rosieland user) and @jaCattell should we have an initial meeting to brainstorm what needs to be done and then can see who / how to support this?



@pixlz @marcduke @Ofon @SamanthaVenia @Jill thank you all for replying to this thread :slight_smile:

Next thing is probably for us to have a chat, right?

Late Thursday afternoons are good for me.

Time zone wise, I think 4pm London time is best.

I’m free 4pm this Thursday (13 October) and next (20 October).

Does that work for y’all, please?


If you want to have a nose around in my Calendly for alternatives, that’s cool :slight_smile:

Hey the 13th at that time works for me :slight_smile:

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I can do this Thursday (13th) but not 20th.



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Was off line yesterday and today. I can’t do tomorrow (13th) but can do 20th. Don’t let me hold things up.

Hello @pixlz @marcduke @Ofon @SamanthaVenia @Jill :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve created an event for Thursday which anyone can register for.

Have also sent you an invite via email.


awesome! November 24 is a holiday in the US, so I’d say the 22 or 23 are best if you’re hoping to get a US online attendance that isn’t in a turkey comatose :joy:

Awesome! I’ve signed up!

Re: November 24 is a holiday in the US

I also want to point out that the days prior and following tend to be VERY slow for actual work tasks in the US because there is family coming in for the holiday throughout that week, people tend to lose steam, and then there is still Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Tuesday, etc. Children are on thanksgiving break for a bit before and after, and people are preparing for the Christmas Holiday.

I personally would shoot for the second week of December.