November cmgr unconference

Hello (-:

Following the success of the June 2022 hybrid community manager (cmgr) unconference, I’m planning another one in November 2022.

Proposed dates are:

  1. Tuesday 22 November 2022,
  2. Wednesday 23 November,
  3. Thursday 24 November,
  4. Friday 25 November.

Please reply and let me know which you prefer.

If you’re new to unconferences, then checkout the following video of UK Gov Camp (another unconference I run) UKGovcamp14 #UKGC14 - short film by @grahamhi - YouTube



Would be ideal!

Thanks for organising and hosting, @jaCattell. It’s very much appreciated.

I do hope I can make it in person. :smile:

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Just to clarify for folks reading this, is the in-person part based in London, UK?

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Yes it’ll be in London, and online (-: