Neutrality as a Community Guiding Principle

Hi, I’m running a curated coliving/coworking community. This is not only a curated community, but also a dense offline space, so sometimes people face prejudice and refuse to move in, or are forcibly deported.

In these circumstances, there are times when the key organizers are not neutral. In order to proceed with community voting, it is also a concern about how far the contents should be disclosed transparently.

In this situation, what do you think should be done to create healthy community guidelines? What instruments can you have neutrality in creating a curated community?

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As a previous co-liver (3x) aware of the heightened opportunities & challenges here (with both IRL and online community), I’ll be interested to follow this thread.

that’s right. An offline community is where light and shadow exist at the same time.

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@derrick8 isn’t this up your street?