Monthly virtual community manager lean coffee meetup

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:

I run a monthly, hour long virtual meetup for community managers.

It’s on the first Wednesday of the month, starting 0830 GMT/BST.

The next one’s on 6 April 2022.

It’s run as a lean coffee, which means the attendees set the agenda at the start of the meetup.

Reply with your calendar’s email address if you’d like invite.

Otherwise join using these details:

Join the video conference:

or call in (audio only):
Conference ID: 791 080 059#

If you’re not in the United Kingdom, you can find a local number:
Conference Dial-in Numbersstrong text


This sounds cool. I’ll keep an eye out for future sessions.

Hope today’s went well.

If you’re open to sharing here (with attendee permission), some notes or key learnings/reflections would be welcome.


Hi @simon_tomes :slight_smile:

Until I switch to a public facing way to add yourself to the invite (suggestions anyone?) I’m happy to add your calendar’s email address to the repeating invite I manage from my calendar.

Although I didn’t take notes (having too much fun facilitating) here’s what we talked about today:

  1. How do you support / enable people to take more ownership of things (like leading a working group) within your community?

  2. How do you move forward when you come up against a blocker you didn’t expect from a very senior member of staff / the community?

  3. Has anyone set up a cross-government community and if so what steps did you go through to make sure something didn’t already exist, please?

  4. Hybrid meeting tips, please?

You can also view all the previous topics on the Easy Retro board I use.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:



I’d be happy to set this up as a recurring event on my Rosieland Luma page and can also add it as an event on our Discord.

I hope I can make it next time.


Interesting topics, @jaCattell. Thanks for sharing the deets and for the offer.

Fingers crossed I can make the next one (pending school drop off timing). I’ll DM you my email address.

@rosiesherry’s offer to add it to the Rosieland Luma page is :ok_hand:t2: :+1:t2:


That would be great, thank you :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll put a task in a few days before, to check the link still works (in case I move to a different part of the Civil Service). Don’t suppose you have an Office 365 subscription, do you?