Migrating Facebook group discussions to a forum without losing the knowledge

We have a Facebook group that was previously quite active and there are some great discussions with answers and examples in the group from a year or two ago that are still valid.

Anyone have any advice for migrating posts like this to a forum so they’re still accessible to members without having it just be a bunch of posts by the moderator? Could I maybe categorize them or tag them with a note like “from our Facebook group” so people know? Or sprinkle them in over time? I’d love any input!

I’m also planning to skim the group and collect old good posts and put them in a spreadsheet before moving them over so we know how many we have.

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When I last looked it wasn’t possible to get your data from Facebook. Has that changed or are you going to do it manually? My answer will depend on that, I suspect.

I’m not really planning to “export” per se - but want to manually repost discussions from our Facebook group into our new community.

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Maybe try compiling these discussions into blog posts. Quote important information, and link them back to the original post. That’s what The Freelance Movement Tribe does.

Initially, we had our course content inside the Facebook group. Over the years, discussions became learning points. The learning and development team has been linking posts into our course platform - previously Kajabi, Notion, and now we have a new platform.

Our content writer would sometimes write blog posts about these discussions. She would take screenshots of them and provide more context in her articles.

Over time, you’ll be able to migrate everything you need.