Mastadon and other Twitter lifeboats

Due to the ongoing twitterpocalypse I was wondering if anyone knew of any Mastadon servers inhabited by community management types, or just any with solid moderation policies they’d recommend?

I’ve been following in horror the collapse of any kind of safety/moderation policy on Twitter and the whole “vote to allow people who’ve been banned for abuse” thing M*sk is running at the moment to generate controversy has finally made me push through the learning curve for Mastadon.

I’m hopeful about my social network of choice, Tumblr, which is talking about adding ActivityPub support, but that’s going to be a while coming.


I haven’t seen any community Mastadon’s, but I also haven’t looked.

I find myself not being able to find the energy to move elsewhere. I just don’t feel very energised with the idea and that it wouldn’t be a great use of my time.

Is there something we could create here at Rosieland instead? In my head I’m have this idea that niche communities can help fill the gap.

I suppose we could create a Mastadon server, but what about this forum? And the use of this Discourse chat? or encouraging more blogging? Or encouraging more Rosieland events?

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