Is the forum vs. chat dichotomy intrinsic, or a problem that just hasn't been solved yet?

People won’t switch because of that. The majority of them on Discord are gamers, so for gamers long-form articles are a feature (eg. a wiki plugin to Discord). The core features they use are sharing screens and video, audio drop-ins, real-time chat, and a lot of personalization around user profiles. Discourse going after Discord users is a no-win scenario 100%. As it should be, they have no room to chase for Discord user-base. :slight_smile:

100% this. The four requirements of “virtual settlement” include:

  • interactivity
  • a variety of communicators
  • a common public place where members can meet and interact
  • and sustained membership over time

Most CMs ignore half of this list.


Strongly agree on all of that.

You sure can. Email us and we’ll get you running.