Is it possible for a "negative" community to be healthy?

I think whenever we build a community, we always tend to think about how we want the people in it to feel. I’ve built communities based around growing confidence, long distance friendships and even one program about the delight of learning something weird and wonderful.

But I’ve always wondered - would it be possible for a community that’s built around a negative emotion to still be “healthy” by the usual community health metrics?

Hatred of something, fear, distrust…

Are there any examples out there of communities that centre around something negative, which are also thriving and healthy? And if not, do we think that’s even possible?

Everything is opinion based - Be it World War 2 to America in modern day, it just depends on what side you are on. What you call hatred I may call happiness, what you call a cult I may call my best friends and community.

I had a longer post but by all likelihood based on America being 50/50 split in ways, I would very literally upset half this board. And thus, that answers your question that yes, it’s 100% possible?