Is it Community Compatible?

I was writing an content piece and the term ‘Community Compatible’ came to mind, so I thought I’d write a few words on it.

What does Community Compatible mean?

To service and do community work that aligns and respects the community’s needs as much as it does with the needs of the business and their customers.

Why is this important?

Language is important to help us think, talk and action our community work.

Understanding the need to be asking and talking about whether the work we are doing is community compatible will help us think deeper and better on how to serve our communities, business and ecosystem well.

When we are working on projects we can then ask things like:

  • how will our community feel about this?
  • are we respecting the people’s needs?
  • will there be positivity and appreciation for this?
  • how do we know we’ll get support from the community on this?
  • does the business support this?
  • what investment is required?
  • is it sustainable?
  • how does this impact the ecosystem?
  • would people in our ecosystem be interested in this?
  • can we gain support or collaborate with people in our ecosystem?

What else would you add?