In community we now need to moderate for AI posts and comments

This does not come as a surprise, and we can only expect more of this. In Product Hunt, members can now report comments for artificially generated comments.

Learning how to deal with these challenges will become an evolving process.


This an interesting twist, but one I welcome. I love the idea of Chat GPT to support the work that we do and I can see its uses, but there is that worry bead, that people will use it to seem ‘more’ than they are!

This went from a joke to reality in the span of a few months it seems. We’re getting more AI spam by the day. Even today we laughed how one forum response left in the “As an AI, I can’t…”

I’ve been starting to look at APIs we can pull in to perform automated AI checks against topics. On one hand, I love the future. On the other hand, this is already pissing off our mods with literal junk. I have no idea what we’ll even do with some sort of integration yet, but if costs allow it we’ll totally run all posts of users who haven’t yet graduated to a basic rank/level have their posts reviewed to see if they are real, else, flag to moderator for review.

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Yes, I feel you and it’s concerning for the future of what community could or should look like.

What’s the point of community if the conversations don’t feel genuine?