In community ops, what do you call someone who

Someone on a community team that does a lot of quick and dirty tutorials on the fly?

I posted this on Twitter. Then realised the people I want to hear from are right here. Yes you… @rosiesherry @saranosocks and all the peeps on here.

Are they answering questions from community members via tutorial or are they simply putting out education for the community via tutorial on a product? That might impact the naming choice you use.

Few names that come to mind:

  • teacher
  • educator
  • guide
  • content creator
  • producer
  • tutorial lead
  • head of education
  • head of content
  • Community Education Lead

I lead a community education team - we don’t produce quick and dirty tutorials, but rather focus on solid long-form courses, once-off workshops, and live social learning spaces. The folks on my team who work with the community to onboard new volunteers and produce content are called Community Education Managers - I find that title fits them really well.

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Quick and dirty tutorials sounds like the type of content a developer advocate would put together on a devrel team.

Could also be something that a Community Manager cranks out if they have the creator chops for it.

Pretty sure I’ve seen this with tech startups and smaller game studios where a CM does a basic screencast to demo something.

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