In 2023, what are some of the things you plan to start, stop, continue, and test with your community?

Just me being curious… but I’d love to hear you takes on the coming year ahead for your community.

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We have been testing the hybrid chat model for the last few months and I’m keen to see how that goes in other communities! It’s been an interesting experiment so far.


I’m going to be experimenting with AMAs in our community. I know it’s been done before, but the big difference is that we’re doing it using asynchronous video.


I plan on leveraging data from video games with my community. Use API’s to build a business out of a passion project and test a alternative reality customer journey experience, for onboarding and fun.

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Start: MORE In person experiences
STOP: Zoom
Continue: Holding conversations online (youtube, instagram, discord)

Hope it works!

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Stop Zoom? Tell me more

I want to get better at encouraging community members to bring more than questions to the table because I know there is a lot of interesting stuff people are doing with the product we work with…but most of the long-form discussion is about technical aspects of implementation and troubleshooting. I want to see more personality and story as part of our community interactions. Any tips on moving in that direction? Especially in a forum that is labeled as community, but has functionally been a troubleshooting space.

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We’ve had a bit of luck interviewing customers and telling some of those stories in our community. We’ve also created space to get that kind of collaboration and conversation happening that isn’t just the forum e.g. roundtables, showcasing what is happening and being done in events, etc.